About Me

me.002-e1371503485781I’m currently a faculty member working here. Until May of 2010 I worked here. Prior to that I did my postdoctoral work in Jim Hogle’s lab here. I received my Ph.D. in the lab of Craig Cameron here. I went to college here. I have a degree in music performance (classical guitar) from here. I learned to fly planes here, but don’t fly anymore. I once ate 15 of these during a contest in college, I don’t eat them anymore. I once picked a door lock in under 30 seconds, I don’t do that anymore. I set up a company for creating scientific animations, I haven’t animated in several years. Woodworking is my summer hobby. Writing iPhone applications is my winter hobby. I like watching ‘how to’ and ‘how it’s done’ type of shows. During a bout of insomnia I became a big fan of indie movies. I prefer watching the entire season of a TV show at once. I love all things Apple, Buffalo Wings, Bud Light, and bbq’s.